Cybersecurity Awareness Training

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Are you concerned about your online safety and want to stay one step ahead of cyber threats? Look no further – our upcoming Cybersecurity Awareness Session is tailored just for you! 💻🛡️

If you’re part of a Small to Medium Business  (which is basically many of us!), this awareness session is a MUST ATTEND!

Session outcomes:

We will discuss potential pitfalls and explore common attacks.

🚫 Social Engineering: Learn how cybercriminals manipulate human psychology to gain access to sensitive information. Discover the tactics they use and how to recognize and defend against them.

🎣 Phishing Attacks: Uncover the secrets behind phishing scams and how to spot them before they hook you. We’ll share practical tips to keep your inbox safe and secure.

🌐 Safe Internet Use: Navigate the digital landscape with confidence! We’ll provide you with essential tools and strategies to ensure your online presence remains protected.

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